Travelling to visit the dentist

I recently went on a trip to England and I thought that I would write a blog post about the experience. This didn’t start out as the typical leisurely trip that I normally blog about. In this case it was actually a purely functional trip – I was going to visit the dentist. I have been having a few problems with my teeth over the past few months and I finally decided to do something about the pain. Not just the pain but also the aesthetics – I figured that its much nicer to have healthy looking teeth – it looks better when you smile and I think it helps with confidence as well.

Anyway, so I decided to sort my teeth out so I went straight to the internet. I spent ages doing research, trying to find the best dentist not only in terms of price but also in terms of experience. I don’t want to let just anyone work on my precious teeth, I want a dentist who really knows their stuff.

After many hours of searching for the perfect place to get my teeth sorted out, I came across a Sidcup dentist called Birkbeck Dentistry Ltd. First of all this particular practice came up in a lot of the searches that I was making to do with dentistry, so I thought they must be well known. When I had a look on their site, and in particular the treatments area, its clear they are very good at what they do.

Even though it was a long way away, I booked and appointment and then planned my trip to sunny Sidcup.

Sidcup high street in Kent, England

I booked a room at the Premier Inn, which is just around the corner from where I had booked my dental appointment. The hotel was fairly basic, but it was new, felt homely and done the job.

One thing I will say about Sidcup is that its extremely busy – there is always traffic on the highstreet and if I was driving, I think I would go mad with all of the queues and traffic lights.

Luckily for me, I was able to travel by foot most of the time. I stayed in the local area and most of the places I wanted to visit were within walking distance.

The pubs, oh the pubs

I visited a lovely and quaint pub whilst I was in Sidcup. This pub was called The White Cross and it was a lovely little building. The staff and the other patrons were extremely friendly and I felt very welcome. I had some nice lunch here – delicious – and then followed it up with some light ale.

The Dentists chair

Eventually I had to accept that the fun of my travels was over. It was time for me to face the dentists chair.

To say I was nervous would have been an understatement. I was actually petrified. I had not been to the dentist for such a long time. Considering the state of my teeth – I needed several fillings and a crown – I felt like it could only be a terribly painful experience.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong – as soon as I sat in the chair and spoke to the dentist, I felt at ease. Peter confirmed to me exactly what he was planning to do, how the procedure would be carried out and what was involved. This put my mind immediately at rest.

Fast forward to the end of my treatment and I am now totally happy with the look of my teeth. Not only that, but I am completely confident in the health of my teeth as well as how I can properly look after them going forward.

I am so glad that I decided to visit the dentist and get my teeth sorted out. More importantly I am glad that I found Birkbeck Dentistry and also glad that I got to spend a weekend in the lovely town of Sidcup in Kent.

So the moral of the story here is that the dentist doesn’t have to be intimidating, and in fact, if you decided to travel afar to find the best dentist then you can even make a mini holiday out of it.