“Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller” Yes, precisely. So,  And when it comes to traveling internationally, it’s like knowing different places completely, new language, people, culture, restaurants and what not. But, before you travel internationally, you should know these 10 quick hacks in terms of security, health, finance, packing, electronics and importantly, local research. We wish you to have a beautiful sojourn out there.

  1. Health comes first. You need to keep an eye on your health before you decide to travel internationally, consult with your doctor for a complete health checkup along with renewing your prescriptions. And in case, you have medical insurances, ask your provider if your policy applies overseas or you can try for supplement insurance.
  1. Carry copies of your passport. In the case of any crisis, you should not fall into the trap of anything. For instance, if you lose your passport, you should have the copies to prove your citizenship and come back to the country. And in this digital era, you can surely keep it as mail in your account.
  1. The monetary conversion are important. Well, this is really important. It is the smartest way to travel internationally and the best part is you won’t be cheated easily there. So, buckle up your calculations about the conversion rate of the particular country.
  1. Credit cards and cash. Don’t forget to make sure your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. Try to convert the cash or get the money in ATM or Banks to get the exact amount unlike in airport counters.always carry cash with you especially for the transportation and food charges.
  1. Check the country’s entrance/exit fees. You might think that you just need to pay the ticket amount but there are entry/exit charges for particular country or we call it visa.
  1. Plan your trip beforehand. This includes anything to everything. And most important thing is to buy the ticket, try to do it before hand to available big discounts and offers, that will be pocket-friendly to you surely.
  1. Get guidebooks for the particular country. Guidebooks are the ones with the information of the place with maps, words, phrases and other likewise information to avoid buying pamphlets at the venue. Nowadays, you can download apps before you leave the place.
  1. Don’t miss to witness their events. If you don’t want to miss any important events in the city- fun things like festivals, ceremonies, and natural events. You know what you like. Research about their sumptuous dishes, culture, clothes, markets and don’t miss a drop of it.
  1. Bring important gadgets. Countries have different size plugs and voltage. So, you need to carry charge adapters and know about the roaming things and other stuff. Get your phone charged before you leave.
  1. Pack minimal but smartly. It says it all, right? Pack everything that is really needed like clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, cosmetics, safety guards etc. Anyhow, you’re the one who will carry them and also, many airlines don’t allow more than an extent within the ticket fair. Always bring packet foods that might turn out to be savior before you get a good food place.
  2. Happy Traveling!

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